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The world is on the move! Every day billions of people travel inter & intra-countries for work, business trips, vacations, etc. Businesses are spending huge on technology to gain efficiencies and offer transparency to customers. GPS function in our phones helps food and e-commerce delivery agents in reaching us hassle-free. GPS receivers (also known as GPS mouse) and GPS modules help businesses in eliminating guesswork and uncertainty in driving around unfamiliar areas. We at Mulberry Technology help you in tapping on smooth, comfortable and pinpoint accuracy of GPS which can open new doors to efficiency. Here is how our GPS receivers can add new dimensions to your vehicle/ transport monitoring.  

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gps receiver gmouse for Fleet Management

GPS Receiver for Fleet Management

GPS has brought radical shift in the efficiency of product delivery companies. As a service provider, you would want to reduce your delivery time for better customer experience, however, it is not humanly possible to monitor and control the wide range of on the job vehicles. Our fleet management RS232 GPS Mouse Receiver allows you to do real-time monitoring by identifying wasteful idling (a minimum threshold can be set on the tracker) and alerting the drivers when they breach the acceptable time limit. This will not only improve the delivery timeline but also result in saving on fuel and maintenance costs. You can login to web server via wireless network.

GPS Receiver for TAXI Dispatch and Metering

GPS Receiver for TAXI Dispatch and Metering

RS232 GPS receivers help in filling the loose gaps in the taxi monitoring system. As a service provider, you want to offer transparency to your customers. This means they should be charged for the time and distance which they traveled. With GPS receivers installed in every taxi, you can streamline the allocation of taxis through short message service, mobile apps and phone calls. It provides you a mechanism to track the available taxis in a certain radius and schedule them for a ride. Further, it provides an SOS button which enables drivers to call for help if things go wrong. You needn’t call the driver to understand his location (and reach point A instead of B), the GPS mouse can tell you exact location along with details of nearby taxis and roadside assistance.

GPS Receiver for Car Rear View Mirror

GPS Mouse Receiver for Car Rear View Mirror

Rear-view mirrors are used by drivers throughout the journey; however, it becomes challenging at times for taxi drivers if the customers sit in a manner blocking the rearview! They might get offended if pointed! A smart solution is to install our high precision GNSS GPS Mouse with ublox M8 chipset for car rear-view. It may not only help in reducing the frustration of drivers but also provides clear real-time navigation with rearview. What more? If the vehicle is damaged and your driver denies ownership, you can monitor the records and decide yourself!

gps receiver Alarm System for Truck and Trailer Body

GPS Receiver for Truck Alarm System

Safety is always crucial for those drivers who drive large vehicles. When sitting inside a big truck, it is hard to notice dangers like a truck body in the raised position. 

An audible and visual alarm system integrated with our GPS receiver can be a big helper to reduce those risks.

GPS Receiver for Car Digital Video Recorder

GPS Receiver for Car Digital Video Recorder

Our built-in and external GPS receivers are widely used on DVR (digital video recorder) dash cameras. It is mainly used for the recording of vehicle driving data, speeding or overtime warning, trajectory, and status analysis.

While driving, the digital driving recorder can obtain data such as longitude, latitude, time, speed, direction, satellite use, etc. by receiving GPS signals, and transmit the data to the remote dispatch monitoring center via a wireless network.


GPS Receiver for Bus Monitoring Solutions

Many collisions, mishaps and bus accidents are caused due to inattention of drivers. With real-time tracking of bus while on the move, additional layer of safety gets added giving individual fleet operators an understanding and insight into driver’s behavior. It further helps in reduction of claims and losses.

gps receiver for EV Charging Posts

GPS Receiver for EV Charging Piles

Our GPS receiver can be used for local monitoring systems for electric vehicle charging piles.

Equipped with GPS positioning receiver, it is used to locate charging piles accurately and quickly when they need to be repaired or replaced.

The system is integrated into the electric vehicle charging pile. it consists of CPU, GPS receiver antenna, charging socket, human-computer interaction device, communication device, etc.

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