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GPS acts as a technological watchdog which helps you keep an eye on everything that holds significance in your personal and professional life. GPS systems come with a wonderful opportunity as operators can monitor and control unnecessary idling (for example vehicle fleets often stand at the side of the road idling) and wastage of resources, thus bringing a new level of efficiency to the operations. We at Mulberry Technology help you in capitalizing on GPS technology by offering a wide range of GPS enabled products.

Who we are?

We are Shenzhen, China-base manufacturers serving our customers through engineered advances in products powered by GPS technology. In other words, we are one-stop shop for items such as GPS antenna, modules, and G-mouse GNSS GPS mouse receiver.

What do we do?

We are productivity boosters! We help you grow more! While this sounds metaphorical, it would not be incorrect to say that our best-in-class GPS-enabled products act as most user-friendly companions to your operations. GPS has emerged as a sensitive yet significant component in the success of every business which is not confined to four walls of the office. We have been serving clients in agriculture mapping to increase yield, vehicle navigation and tracking, fleet management & taxi dispatch businesses for efficient plying, marine navigation for safer water transport.

Why we named our venture Mulberry?

You might find it trivial, but we wanted to share with you a little story. Mulberry is a common sweet fruit that is found in many Asian countries but was originated in China. The interesting fact is mulberries were cultivated in China for leaves instead of fruit! Mulberry is part of childhood memories of almost all people in China because the silkworms feed these leaves in their life cycle to develop into cocoons. Feeding silkworms is part of elementary science education for all students, hence everyone has a soft connection with mulberry. It is also interesting to know that branches of mulberry trees are used for making wooden bowls and other decorative furniture items.

This emotional connection with Mulberry along with its wide utility motivated our motto. Similar to the mulberry, GPS enables devices can be used by individuals, businesses, professionals and corporate houses. Further, the usage can help farmers in crop yields, help product industry in efficiency, guide supplies into war zones, the aide service industry in shortlisting flaws and help regular people in moving from point A to B without any paper map! Astonishing, right? Hence, we named our Shenzhen originated business as Mulberry Technology.

What are the advantages of engaging with us?

Our team of experts invests time and effort in evaluating your requirement and providing innovative yet cost-friendly solutions. GPS devices can add an extra layer of safety and security to your business. If you are looking for a trusted technology partner who can be your eyes and ears in China and support you with greater flexibility and responsibility then you have landed at the right spot! As a trusted supplier of GPS receivers and modules, we can assure you nothing but the best service!

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