NMEA 0183 External GPS Receiver GMouse Antenna

Ideal for In Car DVR Dash Cameras | Bus Navigation and Tracking | Taxi Metering


External GPS Receiver

The Mulberry UART TTL NMEA 0183 external GPS receiver is a MediaTek MT3337 powered GPS GMouse.

Standard NMEA 0183 Output allows you to receive driving route and precise location data of the vehicles from your terminals.

The rugged IP67 waterproof and dust-proof enclosure is specially designed for the most challenging environments.

You can easily integrate it to your car in dash DVR, Taxi metering system or bus monitory system with a micro-fit 3.0 or audio DC 3.5 connector.

gps receiver gmouse shells

You Can Choose from These NMEA 0183 External GPS Receiver Housings for Your Project!

NMEA 0183 External GPS Receiver with These External Antenna Connectors

  • Micro-Fit 3.0, DB9 Male, PS2 6 Pin Male
  • Audio DC 2.5 / 3.5 (3 / 4 Pin Male)
  • Micro HDMI, 1.25x5Pin cable, Free Wire, etc.
  • USB, Micro USB, USB Type C, USB Type A
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NMEA 0183 External GPS Receiver GMouse Applications

GPS Receiver for Car Digital Video Recorder

NMEA 0183 Car GPS Receiver G-Mouse for IN-CAR DVR (Digital Video Recording)

Our external NMEA 0183 output satellite car GPS receiver antennas are widely used on DVR (digital video recorder) in dash cameras. It is mainly used for the recording of vehicle driving data, speeding or overtime warning, trajectory, and status analysis.

While driving, the digital driving recorder can obtain data such as longitude, latitude, time, speed, direction by receiving GPS signals, and transmit the data to the remote dispatch monitoring center via a wireless network.

gps receiver Alarm System for Truck and Trailer Body

Alarm System with External GPS Receiver for Truck and Trailer Safety

Safety is always crucial for those drivers who drive large vehicles. When sitting inside a big truck, it is hard to notice dangers like a truck body in the raised position. 

An audible and visual alarm system integrated with our external NMEA 0183 GPS receiver antenna can be a big helper to reduce those risks.


NMEA 0183 GPS Mouse Receiver for Bus GPS Tracking

Bus monitoring solutions highly improved bus management efficiency and reduced unpredictable accident losses for companies like you through real-time monitoring alerts.

Our NMEA 0183 GPS receiver is integrated in the solution providing precision GPS location and tracking data. 

Just sitting in your office and you know everything out there! 

GPS Mouse for Vehicle Navigation Device

Car GPS Mouse for Vehicle Navigation Device


GPS Receiver GMouse for Vehicle CCTV System

GPS Receiver for Bus Car Wireless Communication

GPS Receiver for Bus Car Wireless Communication

GPS Mouse for Outdoor LED Screen Timing

External GPS Receiver for Outdoor LED Screen Timing

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