ublox Chipset USB GPS Mouse Receiver

The Best USB GPS Receiver Sensor for Android Tablet Windows PC and Laptop

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USB GPS Receiver

Mulberry USB G-Mouse GPS receiver is ultra-low power and high accuracy USB GPS device powered by u-blox 7 GPS engine.

You can use our USB GPS receiver with external antenna for your external Android tablet, Windows 10 PC laptop or Linux handheld unit as a mobile GPS device in your vehicle GPS navigation and tracking systems, like patrol cars, or go sailing on a boat.

The USB GPS mouse receiver with ublox chipset has an especially strong signal, accurately reporting its position from anywhere of the vehicles to you. And cost-effective is another feature thanks to our factory direct supply. 

Just plug in our USB GPS receiver antenna to your device and let it work straight away! 

gps receiver gmouse shells

Rich Shells for the
USB GPS Mouse Available!

GMouse USB and More

  • USB, Micro USB, USB Type C, USB Type A
  • Micro-Fit 3.0, DB9 Male, PS2 6 Pin Male
  • Audio DC 2.5 / 3.5 (3 / 4 Pin Male)
  • Micro HDMI, 1.25x5Pin cable, Free Wire, etc.
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GPS Receiver Here!

USB GPS Mouse Applications

usb gps receiver for laptop

External GPS USB Receiver for Laptop


External USB GPS Receiver Antenna for Android Tablet​

USB GPS Receiver for Windows 10

GPS Receiver USB for PC Windows 10

gps receiver for marine navigation

GPS Receiver with USB for Marine Navigation Boat and Ship

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